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Re: Time to rethink ifupdown

also sprach Miles Bader <miles.bader@necel.com> [2006.08.24.0958 +0100]:
> It may well be (kinda ugly though) -- but that doesn't mean it's
> appropriate for a core system facility, which often needs to work
> even when the system is in a degraded state.

Let me set this straight: I have no intention to develop netconf and
declare it default. I also see no reason to run netconf on servers
at first.

I want to develop netconf primarily for client machines, but keep
flexibility in mind. If it proves to be useful and if people start
adopting it, maybe it'll eventually replace ifupdown. This is not
for me to decide. Yet it should be my goal to get people to *want*
it to become the ifupdown replacement, because that'll mean I did it

And to be honest: I am thinking Python because I finally would like
to start working on a Python project from scratch. So far, I've
worked a lot with Python, but mostly on other people's code, and
I have not really had a lot of opportunity to develop applications

From all I can see, however, POSIX shell might be just as
applicable, actually. After all, you can do quite a lot with it, you
can optimise it for speed, it's easy to draft and maintain, it's in
base already, and netconf is really only an integration framework
for other tools. Take iproute+iwconfig+wpasupplicant+run-parts and
consider guessnet+resolvconf, or consider reimplementing those, and
you pretty much have everything you need.

If DBUS/HAL interface, or socket interface is needed, well, one
could always conceive a daemon that then fires off the appropriate
netconf commands.

While I'm at it, here's my plan: I won't have time to work on
netconf for a long while. In fact, I have declared it to be my
project for Debcamp in Edinburgh, so that's 9-11 months from now.
During that time, I would like to keep collecting ideas on the
wiki, so that I can spend a full week implementing the basics.
Extreme programming is for wussies anyway. :)

If, however, in the mean time, someone wants to step up and actually
work on this, I'd be happy to cooperate, though without contributing
code, so more as
a back-patter/mentor/shoulder-to-cry-on/advisor/resource. All I ask
is to be kept in the loop.

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