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Re: Time to rethink ifupdown

also sprach Alexey Feldgendler <alexey@feldgendler.ru> [2006.08.23.1634 +0100]:
> >It's an idea with the final goal to provide most of what
> >ifupdown+guessnet+resolvconf do now,
> I would personally add ifrename to this list.

I would suggest udev instead.

> >with better integration with wireless-tools/wpasupplicant and
> >ifplugd,
> ...but, actually, I think that everything should be "integrated"
> by adding  files to .d-style directories like resolvconf is
> integrated into ifupdown,  rather than "built in" like basic
> configuration of IPv4 interfaces is  built into ifupdown.

yes, and as it is, I consider it pretty hacky. Don't worry, I am
a fan of componentised architectures and plugins. :)

> >and a proper interface for user interfaces.
> What do you mean under this?

Like a HAL interface, or a socket, so we can have GNOME/KDE
applications easily configure networks on laptops.

> >>Is there a  reason to start developing a new tool instead of
> >>enhancing ifupdown?
> >Is there a reason to cling to ifupdown?
> I guess that there is: there is a substantial amount of code
> written and  tested, and ifupdown is widely accepted.

ifupdown does many things right. But it also needs a brushup. I just
prefer to start with a clean slate. You are free to do otherwise, or
team up with me. Ah, Free software. :)

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