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Re: Time to rethink ifupdown

also sprach Alexey Feldgendler <alexey@feldgendler.ru> [2006.08.23.1610 +0100]:
> I would add my thoughts there but currently I know nothing about netconf  
> beyond what's written on that page now. What is the scope of netconf? Is  
> it supposed to supersede ifupdown, supplement it, or be an alternative? Is  
> anything already implemented, or is it only an idea for now? 

It's an idea with the final goal to provide most of what
ifupdown+guessnet+resolvconf do now, with better integration with
wireless-tools/wpasupplicant and ifplugd, and a proper interface for
user interfaces. A bit like network-manager, but done the Debian

> Is there a  reason to start developing a new tool instead of
> enhancing ifupdown?

Is there a reason to cling to ifupdown?

netconf will be compatible.

> >Can I forward your post to the netconf mailing list?
> Yes, you're welcome. I've just subscribed to that list, BTW.

Mh, I don't have it anymore, of course. If you still do, please
bounce it.

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