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Re: cdrtools alternatives

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Florian Weimer wrote:
> * Nathanael Nerode:
>> In reality, as "user A", I switched to using cdrdao for making serious audio
>> CDs and CD-RWs, and for burning disks from .iso files: this uses
>> Schilling's scsilib, but not the rest of cdrecord.
> What about mkisofs?

Heh -- that's a point.  Actually, I don't use it when creating audio CDs
(for obvious reasons), and I don't usually create data CDs except by
burning *other people's* .iso files, since I use DVDs instead lately.
But I noticed that growisofs *does* use mkisofs as a backend.

We definitely need a functional mkisofs in Debian.

mkisofs is certainly part of cdrtools.  But not of cdrecord.

Nothing in mkisofs has weird conditions on the GPL, unlike other parts
of cdrtools (libscg, cdrecord.c), so it should be straightforward to
make a free fork.  And it was originally written by Eric Youngdale.

Likewise cdda2wav.  It looks like the cdrecord package contains all the
'problem areas', and the other packages built from the cdrtools source
package contain no problem areas.

It's actually tempting to fork those two out as fully independent source
packages.  They have little to do, code-wise, with CD recording.
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