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Re: package ownership in Debian

On 7/28/06, Simon Richter <Simon.Richter@hogyros.de> wrote:

Gustavo Franco wrote:

> * The package that contains only the Maintainer field with the name of
> a person and not a group can be uploaded by any DD. ping the current
> maintainer is good but not required;

I propose that under that policy, if someone NMUs a package without
clearing the patch with the maintainer first, that person is responsible
for the package until the maintainer acknowledges or reverts the NMU.

The rule of sending a patch to the BTS and giving a bit of time to reply
serves quality assurance more than it hurts, because you get a second
opinion, from a person who is familiar with the package.

I reverted my opinion, agreeing with Joerg's idea.

> The core stuff will be more flexible and well maintained, if we don't
> have groups where just one person do all the work and others are there
> just to look cool.

But that is exactly what happens if you force group maintenance on
everyone. Only that within a group, you cannot even point at somebody
and say they are responsible for anything.

Every group has at least one admin. I was talking about avoid one-working-man
groups. You always can blame the group and the group admins. Don't we blame
ftpmasters and their members ? XSF ? same deal.

-- stratus

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