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Re: package ownership in Debian (was: Why does Ubuntu have all the ideas?)

On 7/28/06, Katrina Jackson <katrinajackson20@gmail.com> wrote:
  Okay here is another honest question:   Do you really honestly think not
having co-maintainers for base packages is ever a good idea?  What if
someone is busy?  You don't really feel safe noticing your base packages
aren't being co-maintained since people are busy.

No, *I* don't. But the big point in Debian is that my and your opinion
won't change anything. Debian is a meritocracy with all its pros and
cons, not that *i* (again) am not working to change something in this
maintainers, co-maintainers area.

 Also back to the innovation issue:  Don't your think having more
comaitainers there would be more innovation merging a package into Debian.
Is your goal just to make a package compile and not have RC bugs, or is it
to take a package and innovate in a way to make that package experience must
better for a Debian User?  With co-maintainers this would be easier to pull

co-maintainers means more hands, but not always responsibility and
work (innovative
or not). What i've in mind is that if there's a group where only one
person works, the others well organized and balanced groups can put
some more pressure there than when it's a one man sacred thing. Read
my message about what could be done before and efter Etch on this on a
subthread closer to you. :)

 Not to cause a fight, I just wanted to point out some say all Debian is
worried about is RC bugs.  "Debian worships RC bugs".  With co-maintainers
you could do a better job "worshiping RC Bugs" While doing additional work
to innovate how that package will work in Debian.  Plus more QA support when
more then one work on the package.

You're obsessed with innovation while i'm obsessed with QA and
features. I can tell you for sure that a lot of developers cares about
their own packages and just that, QA, shiny and new stuff (well
integrated with others packages or not), their own agenda, their
companies agenda, and yadda, yadda, yadda. At the same time we fail to
merge everything possible and cook the best distribution out there,
we've some success in a lot of areas.

-- stratus

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