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Re: Why does Ubuntu have all the ideas?

I keep seeing your arguments about how some people want on;y a 100 MB system by default.  But you do give an option to have a Desktop, even Laptop install.  What not make those installs have better support for Desktop and Laptop Users.  For example, why not have the package updater installed for those who specifically want to install the desktop environment?  Those who only want servers or 100MB installs will not be hurt by this move.  Then, Desktop and Laptop users are happy too.

In short, it would be nice if the Desktop and Laptop environments catered to Desktop  users. 

I see how Debian is innovative with apt, lintian, etc..  But why not innovative with the Desktop experience? 

                Katrina Jackson

PS.  Hardware, Hardware, Hardware, I have to confess, if there was better hardware support I think most people would be happy.  Hardware supported by Ubuntu 6 months ago, should be supported by Debian by now.

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