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Re: Why does Ubuntu have all the ideas?

On 7/28/06, Marco d'Itri <md@linux.it> wrote:
On Jul 28, Amaya <amaya@debian.org> wrote:

> Huge Troll Warning
It's sad that many people replied this way when it's obvious that Debian
has stopped innovating long ago.
But I suppose that this is part of the problem.

Debian stopped innovating? What's next? Are we going to die like Microsoft or
the BSD's? We've a bunch of really successful subprojects and the
subproject organization probably is a 'innovation' as you see what a
innovation really is.

We jumped from 'boot floppies' to 'd-i', we are working on a better
Python infrastructure, the desktop and other tasks in the installer
and after installer are a reality and hopefully will gain more
attention of our users during the Etch support cycle and more.

We aren't Google or Microsoft. We don't need cheap marketing tricks.
We need better QA (not that the team isn't doing a great job) and
polish more our work (it includes artwork). It requires people that
supports to be flamed and receive no money or congratulations from
others, they will work in tons of packages that aren't well maintained
and sometimes it will be really hard and that's why i strongly
disagree with a one person approach to maintain some core stuff.

-- stratus

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