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Re: Why does Ubuntu have all the ideas?

I am sorry I am a Troll.  I guess I was too harsh.  But I guess these are my main resons for writing.

A.)  Ubuntu seems to have such better Hardware support I wonder if people are only packaging, not working on Hardware support.

B.)  Out of a fresh installation, Ubuntu has so many features that are immeadiatly seen, like my notifier example, that make your life easier I felt, "Ubuntu really cares about it's users, they make there life so easy."  When I install debian I didn't see as many features to make your life easy.  I wondered if you guys cared about the User's experience.

C.)  I admit Ubuntu gives a lot of Hype about their new features, but at least those features make the user OS experience better.  The only hype I see from Debian seems to be, more packages!!!  As if packages are only important.  Not making nice features for users.

D.) You mentioned forums.debian.net, but who supports it?  It seems like only a small number.  It doesn't seem you push for its support.  If fact it isn't even an offial thing I've been told.

I'm sorry if I am a troll.  I was just tinking, why do you have suce little desktop/laptop support.  Do your users who uses those machines not as important to you. 

      I'm sorry if I've offended people, but can none you guys relate at all to my concerns? 

                                          Katrina Jackson

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