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Re: new tar behavior and --wildcards

Thijs Kinkhorst wrote:
> On Tue, 2006-06-27 at 10:02 +0200, Pierre Habouzit wrote:
>> Le lun 26 juin 2006 21:53, Petr Vandrovec a écrit :
>>> Maybe it could be default for tar's POSIX mode, but I have no idea
>>> why GNU mode behavior should be changed in any way.
>> I second that. it's now completely unpossible to do basic packaging 
>> work, because such a change wasn't planned. I also don't find it wise, 
>> if we still want to release this year, to introduce such a change 
>> *now*.
>> Bdale, I *really* beg you to postpone that default change post-etch.
> Is there any idea of the number of packages actually affected by this?

It's not so much packages already in the archive, it's every package
that is being prepared to be uploaded.

Lintian *always* fails for all packages that I build on a system with
the updated tar. None of those packages failed prior to the tar update.

Linda just crashes, every single time. Again, never did before.

Without those two, how can new packages be uploaded safely?

dpkg-buildpackage generates an error message but does continue to operate.

> I've harly seen an RC bug flood arise out of this; I've only seen two,

I'm not a DD (in the NM process) but couldn't that simply be because the
Debian machines themselves (like p.d.o and qa.d.o) have not upgraded to
this release of tar? If those machines become unable to run lintian or
linda without errors, isn't that going to be a flood of a different kind?

> one of which is already pending upload. Probably a few more will arise,
> but the fix is trivial.

You mean downgrading to the version of tar in testing?

> So I wonder if it would be useful to revert the change, since we have to
> change at some point and at this point the effects do not seem to be
> quite dramatic. Maybe you have signs indicating otherwise?

PLEASE can tar be reverted to 1.15.1dfsg-3 in unstable?

Maybe tar 1.15.91-1 should go into experimental until lintian,
dpkg-buildpackage and linda can all be prepared for the new behaviour.

If lintian functionality isn't restored soon, how can new packages be
uploaded safely?


Neil Williams

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