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new tar behavior and --wildcards

The new tar behavior with respect to wildcards is not a change I
introduced just for Debian, it's a new upstream change that appears to
be quite intentional and well documented, as per this text from the tar
info docs:

   The following table summarizes pattern-matching default values:

   Members                Default settings
   Inclusion              `--no-wildcards --anchored
   Exclusion              `--wildcards --no-anchored

   ---------- Footnotes ----------

   (1) Notice that earlier GNU `tar' versions used globbing for
       inclusion members, which contradicted to UNIX98 specification 
       and was not documented.

Obviously, the problems reported with various Debian utilities are due
to the default now being --no-wildcards for inclusion combined with a
dependency on the footnoted "feature" of previous versions of GNU tar.

Since this seems to have been an intentional behavior change by
upstream to better align with a published standard, I'm uninclined to
fight it, and think our best response is to update our utilities to
include the --wildcards option, with a suitable versioned dependency on


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