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Re: [Debconf-discuss] list of valid documents for KSPs

Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@debian.org> writes:

>         I really think either you are deliberately being obtuse, or
>  nothing I can say will get this through to you.  I fail to see how
>  one can assert that there was no forgery going on -- do you
>  automatically assume that if a shiney laminated document with some
>  random issueing authority listed on it is not forged?  

What I have said is that there is no evidence of forgery, not a jot,
not a tittle, not a suggestion, not a hint.  What evidence of forgery
is there?  Please trot it out.  Spell it out for me, *please*.

I understand a forged document to be one which was not produced by the
organization which is claimed on its face, or which has been
materially altered from what the organization originally issued.  What
makes you think something of this sort is going on here?

What has been reported is that there was an ID from the Transnational
Republic presented.  Do you have any reason to suspect that this was

>>So, if the ID says on it, "Bubba's Fake ID Shop", I'm not sure I see
>> the problem. 
>         Dear boy, Bubba's ID's are likely to say Transnational
>  Republic.  Or, if Bubba has been allowed to personally examine more
>  Bewnjamins,  it could have read the federal republic of Germany. Or
>  the united staateds. Or cameroon.

But the card presented *didn't* say "federal republic of germany", did

>> In other words, Bubba sells forgeries, but the Transnational
>> Republic does not.
>         Riiight.  And I know that how?

It doesn't matter, since an ID issued by the Transnational Republic
which says "Transnational Republic" is not a forgery.  If you think
this one was a forgery, then why?  Who do you think *did* issue it?
What on earth is your evidence that it is not really from the
Transnational Republic?

For my part, I wouldn't sign a key on the basis of such an ID, because
the Transnational Republic is not a real country and I don't know
enough about it to have the necessary confidence in its credentials.
But that doesn't make someone a fraud because he presents the


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