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Re: [Debconf-discuss] Please revoke your signatures from Martin Kraff's keys

David Moreno Garza dijo [Fri, May 26, 2006 at 01:47:15PM -0500]:
> > As a side note, while my passport was valid (re-newed the day before
> > leaving for Mexico because I forgot it was expired after 5 years and
> > not 10), I didn't get any Mexican seal when I arrived at Mexico City
> > airport.  As 2 others DDs with me (Aurelien Jarno and Matthias Klose)
> > got a seal, I went back to the customs officer asking for the seal and
> > he answered me I didn't need it.
> That's illegal actually. It is quite often to get your passport sealed
> while leaving your country but it is supposed to be mandatory to get the
> seal in the country you are arriving, otherwise you could be thought
> you are an illegal alien since no local official government dependency
> testifies you are arriving the country legally.
> I wouldn't mind leaving a country without a seal, but really would if I
> wouldn't get one when entering another, specially on these corrupt
> countries where they take any minor detail to fuck you.

Not always.

In Mexico, upon reentry, my passport is sometimes stamped, but usually

Within the Schengen area (European Union plus Norway, Vatican,
and... any others?), you travel between countries without even waving
your passport at anybody.

When entering Mexico by land from the USA, your passport is not even
requested. (Note that when I did this, I was with an Argentinian,
permanent resident of Mexico, and he went back to the border, fearing
his FM3 form wasn't sealed, and so he was breaking the law - but
that's a special requirement for permanent residents).

Some countries that have shaky relations with others usually agree to
stamp you an extra sheet, so that your passport does not show the fact
you were to that country. I have seen this both in Cuba and in


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