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Re: [Debconf-discuss] Please revoke your signatures from Martin Kraff's keys

Gunnar Wolf wrote:
> Not always.
> In Mexico, upon reentry, my passport is sometimes stamped, but usually
> not. 

You _usually_ don't get your passport stamped? Really? In recent flights?
I have never entered Mexico back without the Immigration seal.

> Within the Schengen area (European Union plus Norway, Vatican,
> and... any others?), you travel between countries without even waving
> your passport at anybody.

Yes, I forgot some special exceptions.

> When entering Mexico by land from the USA, your passport is not even
> requested. (Note that when I did this, I was with an Argentinian,
> permanent resident of Mexico, and he went back to the border, fearing
> his FM3 form wasn't sealed, and so he was breaking the law - but
> that's a special requirement for permanent residents).

True! And even by plane! Which I found extremely suspicious when gram
told me he only used his Texas ID card to travel from there to Benito
Juárez airport.

> Some countries that have shaky relations with others usually agree to
> stamp you an extra sheet, so that your passport does not show the fact
> you were to that country. I have seen this both in Cuba and in
> Israel. 

That's interesting.

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