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Re: [Debconf-discuss] Please revoke your signatures from Martin Kraff's keys

Gunnar Wolf wrote:
> Maybe we should just drop holding KSPs, and fall back to the
> traditional method of "Hey, nice dinner we had yesterday. Say, now
> that you know me, my family and my history, would you like to sign my
> key as well?" - Signing for people you actually know, not just linking
> faces to government IDs.

I _really_ second this idea. After having a previous key compromised,
I'm trying to get more security wrt handling everything around my
current key.

I brought my Mexican passport to the KSP since I don't want to explain
to everybody what my Mexican voting card is (and I didn't want people to
doubt on it, as I did to locals in Porto Alegre and Helsinki). Bringing
my passport issued by the Mexican government, sealed by some of the
countries I have visited; bringing my US tourist visa, issued by the
American government; having my Mexican voting card (which is official in
MX); and any other non-official ID I could carry (driver's license,
university card, work ID, etc) are documents I thought it would be great
to have so nobody could doubt that I am the person I am saying I am :-)
Because of this, I always requested for passports to check everybody's
identity. I'm a bit upset also because some people think I should
already know some documents.

When I saw madduck's ID I asked what that was and then requested for the
passport (he then explained me his evil experiment, which I found quite
silly at first, but I didn't care too much since I was quite happy after
seeing his *real* passport ID). I don't like the people who think I
should already know everything around the world. I came also to a couple
of persons who were only holding European IDs. When I requested for the
official passport they even got mad replying "this is completely
official and legal in Germany!" (I remember one of these guys was
German). People shouldn't assume everybody knows customs of all around
the world.

As an additional bit of security, I asked some people to show their
visa, issued by the Mexican government, or check the Mexican seal they
got on their point of entrance to Mexico. After all, I trust a bit more
some of my federal authorities.

It is disappointing to see that some of us are doing lots of preparation
to have a more or less nice and trustable KSP and some people just don't
give a shit or care about anything around it.

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