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Re: [Debconf-discuss] Please revoke your signatures from Martin Kraff's keys

On Fri, May 26, 2006 at 01:47:15PM -0500, David Moreno Garza wrote:
> That's illegal actually. It is quite often to get your passport sealed
> while leaving your country but it is supposed to be mandatory to get the
> seal in the country you are arriving, otherwise you could be thought
> you are an illegal alien since no local official government dependency
> testifies you are arriving the country legally.

I didn't get any stamp at all from France or Finland on my way to
DebConf5, although I did get one from the US when returning home after
that conference. I agree neither France or Finland is likely to be out
to fuck me, and since it was a US passport that already shows I am
allowed to be in the US. Still, not stamping a passport seems to be more
common than one might think, and it's probably legal in at least some
countries. I did kind of want those stamps, though. :)

(Mexico and the US both stamped my passport on my DebConf6 trip. None of
the countries I've mentioned in this email stamped my passport upon
departure from that country, only sometimes upon arrival.)

- Jimmy Kaplowitz

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