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Re: Debian Light Desktop - meta package

#include <hallo.h>
* Don Armstrong [Sun, Apr 16 2006, 11:35:07PM]:
> On Sun, 16 Apr 2006, Eduard Bloch wrote:
> > Much, much, much? Where? Some eye-catchers (collage, HTTP client
> > builtin) but not much for daily use for a desktop system:
> > 
> >  - no picture browser GUI
> Uh... feh -t .; 

Primitive and uncomfortable. Does not even allow to scroll that preview

> >  - no picture management function
> mv, rm, rename. Check. [feh -A 'mv %f foo/%n' if you want something
> else...]

Cannot see mv/rm/rename in the GUI elements (menus). Forcing a desktop
user to use CLI for such basic functions is somehow odd. AFAICS no
advanced functions are available either, eg. EXIF data display,
something that every modern digicam adds to JPEG pictures. Or comparing
two directories and displaying which images are new.

> >  - image quality not sufficiently adaptable to system's performance
> I have no clue what this means.

The way it renders the pictures/thumbnails? Interpolation, dithering
algorithms. On a slow machine I would prefer to use the fastest method
unless I need the better quality and _then_ I would like to change the
prefs inside the GUI. I get all that with gqview. I miss all that in

> Now, if you're arguing that this may not be appropriate for those who
> are afraid of a command line or a program that has more than 50
> command line options, that may be the case... but it definetly gets
> rid of the bloat present in other image viewers. [This is probably YA

Please, try gqview before judging.


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