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Re: Debian Light Desktop - meta package

#include <hallo.h>
* André Luiz Rodrigues Ferreira [Tue, Apr 11 2006, 01:44:57PM]:
> Hi !
> I'm creating a meta package for install a lite desktop for old
> machines with poor hardware.
> I would like to receive opinions about my packages list:
> - x-window-system-core
> - xfce4 (beautiful!)

Depends. IceWM with a tiny Filemanager (eg. emelfm) suffies my idea of
"light desktop" much, much more. I would say - set 
"xfce4 | x-window-manager".

> - evince

As other pointed out, does basically the same job as xpdf but pulls half
of the Gnome.

> - eog

As said, Gnome bloat. Use gqview or pornview.

> - gaim

Please depend on "gaim | psi | licq" or so.

> - arj

Who cares about arj nowadays? I suggest installing the "unp" package
instead, it will tell user which program is needed to install for a
certain type of archive.

> - file-roller

Is there really no other choice without GNOME dependencies?

> - wvdial

What's wrong with chat?

> - gnome-ppp

Bloat for a simple task like Interface status watching. Configuration
can be done wiht pppconfig once. And even then, it's too specific for a
"Desktop" meta package, IMO.

> - gnome-utils

You can replace all of them with lightweigt alternatives: xwd (or import
from imagemagic or even gimp for screenshots), ding, locate (make some
GUI), superformat (make some GUI, I have written one years ago, see
GSwissKnife on Freshmeat).

> - inkscape

Too specific for a "Desktop" package.

> - gimp
> - abiword
> - gnumeric
> - gnumeric-plugins-extra
> - gnome-system-monitor

The last time I used this monitor, it was the application using much
more memory than every other one. Do you really want it for a
lightweight desktop?


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