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Re: Bug#362584: ITP: xindy -- a flexible indexing system

Hi Frank,

Frank Küster <frank@debian.org> wrote:
> [Cc'ing you 'cause I don't know whether you're subscribed to -devel]

I am subscribed.

> Jörg Sommer <joerg@alea.gnuu.de> wrote:
>> * Package name    : xindy
>>   Version         : 2.2-beta2-1
>>   Upstream Author : Joachim Schrod <jschrod@acm.org>
>> * URL             : http://xindy.sourceforge.net/
>> * License         : GPL
>>   Programming Lang: C, LISP
>>   Description     : a flexible indexing system
> Here comes the usual comment:  Please make sure to follow the Debian TeX
> Policy Draft in /usr/share/tex-common/.

Xindy does not provide any tex, style or class files. Are there any
other files covered by the TeX policy?

> I wanted to try out myself whether there are any issues, but it fails
> to build with 

Can you send me the whole build log? Do you have automake or autoconf
installed? I've noticed that the build process fails if they are,
because the configure files get recreated and overwrite my changes. I
solved this with

% export ACLOCAL=/bin/true AMTAR=/bin/true AUTOCONF=/bin/true \
    AUTOHEADER=/bin/true AUTOMAKE=/bin/true MAKEINFO=/bin/true
% dpkg-buildpackage ...

but this looks more like a hack. I don't know why they get recreated and
how to prevent this. I don't want to patch the .am files, because this is
not needed.

Regards and thanks for your effort, Jörg.
Failure is not an option. It comes bundled with your Microsoft product.

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