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Re: Debian Light Desktop - meta package

On Sun, 16 Apr 2006, Eduard Bloch wrote:
> Much, much, much? Where? Some eye-catchers (collage, HTTP client
> builtin) but not much for daily use for a desktop system:
>  - no picture browser GUI

Uh... feh -t .; 

>  - no picture management function

mv, rm, rename. Check. [feh -A 'mv %f foo/%n' if you want something

>  - image quality not sufficiently adaptable to system's performance

I have no clue what this means.

Now, if you're arguing that this may not be appropriate for those who
are afraid of a command line or a program that has more than 50
command line options, that may be the case... but it definetly gets
rid of the bloat present in other image viewers. [This is probably YA
case of the desktop task recommending software that few of us actually

Don Armstrong

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