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Re: Debian Light Desktop - meta package

Scripsit Don Armstrong <don@debian.org>

> Now, if you're arguing that this may not be appropriate for those who
> are afraid of a command line or a program that has more than 50
> command line options, that may be the case... but it definetly gets
> rid of the bloat present in other image viewers.

Well, people who are unafraid of command lines could theoretically
have a "light desktop" consisting of

  (1) xorg
  (2) xdm
  (3) a traditionalist window manager (fvwm, twm, ...)
  (4) xterm or an xterm replacement
  (5) tty or curses programs for actually getting work done
      (emacs/vi, tex, mutt, gnus, ...)
  (6) xdvi, gv, xpdf for viewing the results
  (7) large graphical programs when there is work to be done that
      inherently needs such things: web browser, gimp, xfig ...

This is what I use on the computer on my desk.

*BUT* ... it is not what people expect from a "desktop" software
installation option, even a "light" one. There, I think, the defining
characteristic is that one can get work done *without* meeting any
command lines in one's day-to-day use of the computer.

Henning Makholm                                "Anything you can discover we
                                             would be most happy to review."

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