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Re: Bug#354674: What on earth?

On Sun, Apr 16, 2006 at 07:19:40PM +0200, Pierre HABOUZIT wrote:

 Perhaps you're right on your comments about X.org 7.0 not being tested
 enough to avoid break, but perhpas few people cared about installing it
 when it was in experimental.

 Perhaps they are right on uploading packages to unstable, as THEY
 though packages were ready for so.

 But now packages are in unstable. So please, stop whining and offer all
 work you can, by actually fixing things or by shutting down. It is very
 childish to try to get a "Yes, you're right, we failed, we suck" from 
 busy people. As many people working in Debian they tried to make their
 best at packaging X, and I am sure they are investing a lot of effort
 and time. And I am also sure that as they have "failed" in doing that
 without harm, they are the first trying to put more work to fix things
 ASAP. And they have even recognized their responsability!
 Almost every person using unstable has been hit by this, 
 in one way or other, but I think that we should try to push in the 
 same direction.


Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo

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