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Re: Looking for a autotools/libtool expert: Unnecessarily linked libraries

Steve Langasek <vorlon@debian.org> wrote:

>> >   cd texk
>> >   libtoolize -f -c
>> >   cp /usr/share/aclocal/libtool.m4 libtool.m4
>> >   autoconf
>> > works, after editing kpathsea/withenable.ac to not try to use
> I used current sid versions of all packages: libtool 1.5.22-2, autoconf
> 2.59a-8.
> I did exactly what I said I did -- edit kpathsea/withenable.ac to remove the
> AM_MAINTAINER_MODE line, then run all of the commands I listed.  What error
> do you get?

If I do just 

apt-get source tetex-bin
cd tetex-bin-3.0/texk

and then the commands cited above, "debian/rules configure" fails even
earlier, namely when trying to apply patch-libtool.  If I remove that
patch from the series of patches:

cd tetex-bin-3.0
export QUILT_PATCHES=./debian/patches
quilt delete patch-libtool

and then "cd texk" and your commands, configure fails like this:

configuring in texk
running /bin/sh ./configure  --prefix=/usr --enable-ipc --disable-multiplatform --enable-shared --without-dialog --without-texinfo --without-t1utils --without-dvipng --without-lcdf-typetools --without-psutils --without-dvi2tty --without-dvidvi --without-lacheck --without-musixflx --without-texi2html --with-cjkutils --with-detex --with-dtl --with-dviljk --with-seetexk --with-x --with-xdvi-x-toolkit=xaw --with-mf-x-toolkit --with-system-ncurses --with-system-zlib --with-system-pnglib --with-system-tifflib --with-system-wwwlib --with-system-t1lib '--mandir=${prefix}/share/man' '--infodir=${prefix}/share/info' --srcdir=.
checking whether make sets $(MAKE)... yes
checking for gcc... gcc
checking for C compiler default output file name... a.out
checking whether the C compiler works... yes
checking whether we are cross compiling... no
checking for suffix of executables... 
checking for suffix of object files... o
checking whether we are using the GNU C compiler... yes
checking whether gcc accepts -g... yes
checking for gcc option to accept ANSI C... none needed
checking for library containing strerror... none required
checking whether ln -s works... yes
checking for a BSD-compatible install... /usr/bin/install -c
./configure: line 3441: AM_MAINTAINER_MODE: command not found
checking for loader (symbol LD)... ld
checking for archiver (symbol AR)... ar
checking for archiver options (symbol ARFLAGS)... rc
checking where the main texmf tree is located... "${prefix}/share/texmf"
./configure: line 20631: syntax error: unexpected end of file
configure: error: ./configure failed for texk
make: *** [configure-stamp] Error 1

As I said, on a sarge system where the "right" autoconf and libtool
versions, 2.13 and 1.4, respectively, are still available, the same
command sequence leads to a configure that runs fine, but libtool fails
when creating libkpathsea.

Regards, Frank
Frank Küster
Single Molecule Spectroscopy, Protein Folding @ Inst. f. Biochemie, Univ. Zürich
Debian Developer (teTeX)

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