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Re: Propose exim4 for debian-volatile (Was: exim4_4.50-8sarge1)

This one time, at band camp, Martin Zobel-Helas said:
> I don't see any reason accepting packages into debian-volatile, when
> they contain no volatile data. Also if the package will be in the next
> stable point-release i don't see any reason why to put it into
> volatile...

I am sorry to say, but I have to agree with zobel here.  The changes
aren't exactly what I think of when I think of the voltile archive
mandate (although again, perhaps that needs to be better spelled out so
as to make things more clear).  Additionally, exim4 packages are already
available in s-p-u, so I don't see a pressing reason to make them
available in another repository.

I am willing to be convinced I am wrong here, but at first blush I don't
see it as suitable.

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