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Re: Need for launchpad

Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> Only Debian developers can push changes into Debian, and indeed only
> particular Debian developers can push particular changes into Debian.
> Routing patches through this mesh involves a lot of overhead, especially in
> the form of latency.  It's commonplace in Debian to wait weeks for a
> response from a maintainer, for example, and there's no one covering for
> them during that time.  Just as some aspects of Ubuntu's operation are not
> visible to the Debian community, Ubuntu MOTUs for example cannot be
> reasonably expected to know who is responsive, who is MIA, whether a
> particular maintainer doesn't want to receive email with the word "Ubuntu"
> in it, etc.

It's amazing how the Debian project manages to communicate fixes to 
an even more diverse set of upstream authors, isn't it.

see shy jo

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