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Re: Debian derivatives and the Maintainer: field (again)

On Wed, 18 Jan 2006, Otavio Salvador wrote:

But linked against other libraries.  The binary is downloaded from another
location(or installed from a different cd set).  The program used to do the
download may be different.

Using this as rule, then all Debian CDD distributions would need to
recompile all sources to change the maintainer field.

I'm sorry if we agree that a CDD is what we defined under


then no change is necessary.

  "To clarify a common misunderstanding: Custom Debian Distributions are
   not forks from Debian. They are completely included, and if you obtain
   the complete Debian GNU/Linux distribution, you have all available
   Custom Debian Distributions included."

(I know that the name CDD is very confusing and many people think that
 it is something else.)

In case of CDDs, the only exception is it isn't build against other
libraries but it is installed by different cd set and downloaded from
another location in many cases.

If it is a CDD than it is installed from a Debian mirror and nothing else.

Kind regards



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