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Re: For those who care about lesbians

Andrew Suffield wrote on 15/01/2006 05:20:

[I know the below quote has been directly linked to the 2005/08 incident
of which I know no details - not being a DD yet myself - but I assume
you would hold the same opinion with respect to your recent d-d-a post]

> I fail to see how expressing a simple opinion like that, which is not
> even an uncommon one, *on a private mailing list*, could possibly be
> 'detrimental to the project'. That is pure slander.

Well, your post to d-d-a is potentially somewhat detrimental to the
project. Had you simply made a post like the following, probably nobody
would have cared. I even wouldn't have cared if you had made your d-d-a
post to d-d instead. Now here is what would probably been OK:

----------------- cut here -----------------
Subject: To all who care about the quality of d-d-a

This list is about the Debian project and important news to and from
it's developers. Please refrain from posting off-topic stuff on this
list. Needing to make it a moderated list would be a shame.
----------------- cut here -----------------

Irony and sarcasm on big public mailinglists is always a problem,
especially if there are some corporate staff people also reading the
list and - at least partially - judging the whole project by the
contents of that list.

Apart from your posts intention (which I wholeheartedly agree with), I
can't agree with the form you took. However, even though I agree with
your intention (of keeping d-d-a as close to its topic as possible), I
don't really see anything too bad about Raphael Herzog's post. Sure, he
talks about Ubuntu a lot, but his whole point is how Debian and Ubuntu
could cooperate more closely, giving Debian Developers information about
where they can find stuff on Ubuntu's "side". Hell, his post asking both
sides for cooperation is on topic on d.d.a as on (whatever the
equivalent for ubuntu would be) IMHO.


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