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Re: For those who care about lesbians


On Sat, 2006-01-14 at 08:40, Roger Leigh wrote:
> Andrew, do you understand just how inappropriate and offensive your
> mail was?  Nothing justifies abuse of our lists like that.  d-d-a is a
> widely-read list both inside and outside the project, and you have
> done harm to our reputation.

There was nothing offensive about Andrew's message.  Since you
do not offer any reasons for your melodramatic conclusion, I
suspect that you are merely trolling.

I *hope* you are not using this list to engage in discrimination
against those whose sexual orientation may be different from your
own.  I note that there was nothing pornographic in the picture
to which Andrew linked.  It was merely a couple of young people
enjoying a kiss.  Certainly off-topic, but valid as an attention-
-getter to hopefully stop some of the off-topic clutter that has
pervaded this list recently.

> If you can't see why what you did was wrong, you are doing the project
> a disservice by continuing to be a developer.  You certainly are not
> doing the project any favours by representing us in this manner.

If you can't even state why you think that what Andrew did was
wrong, please stop wasting bandwidth.

> If you still can't take the hint, I'll be more blunt: this isn't the
> first crass stunt you've pulled by any means, and you are now right at
> the limits of many peoples tolerance.  Pull another one again, I may
> be forced to file a request for your expulsion.  That might happen for
> this one yet.

If your message is merely a troll, I would respectfully ask you
please to expell yourself.  On the other hand, if you believe
that someone should be expelled for reasons that you are unable
or unwilling to state, I would respectfully ask you please to
expell yourself.

--Mike Bird

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