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Re: For those who care about lesbians

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Andrew Suffield <asuffield@debian.org> writes:

> On Sat, Jan 14, 2006 at 05:51:03PM +0000, Roger Leigh wrote:
>> >> If you still can't take the hint, I'll be more blunt: this isn't the
>> >> first crass stunt you've pulled by any means, and you are now right at
>> >> the limits of many peoples tolerance.  Pull another one again, I may
>> >> be forced to file a request for your expulsion.  That might happen for
>> >> this one yet.

>> I was perfectly serious.  This is merely the latest in a number of
>> things Mr Suffield has done which are detrimental to the project in a
>> number of ways.  Some of these are not a matter of public record, so
>> you would be unaware of them.
> I hope you realise that if I were the litigious type, you would be
> receiving a court summons in the next day or two (it's lies, btw, for
> those of you watching - I hope nobody bought that 'secret offenses'
> noise, it's like the PATRIOT act or something).

The events are a recorded in the debian-private archives, which I am
not permitted to reveal here.  I have at no point stated anything
which is untrue, and any Debian developer who wishes to verify it may
look at the August 2005 archives (debian-private.200508.gz on
master:~debian/archive/debian-private is the worst to date).  That is
not disclosable on this list.

None of this is personal, but your unacceptable behaviour past and
present has consequences which affect both other developers, and the
project as a whole.  You have been treading a very fine line since the
above incident, since which I had hoped you would improve, so I hope
you understand just how close to the limit you are.

If you do reply, please do so in -private.

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Roger Leigh
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