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Re: Need for launchpad

Matt Zimmerman <mdz@ubuntu.com> writes:

> The ratio of Debian developers to upstream developers is *much* closer to
> 1:1 than the ratio of Ubuntu developers to Debian developers, but even so,
> my guess (based on at least some empirical observation of packages I'm
> familiar with) is that many of the same issues exist.  In some cases, there
> is a healthy and responsive relationship, and in others, there isn't.

Certainly, but the question here is not about individuals but about
the organizations.

Debian's policies tell all maintainers to submit patches upstream (and
that does not mean "tell them where they can get Debian and find the
patches themselves").

Debian's policies tell all maintainers to carefully distinguish the
Debian maintainer from the upstream maintainer, and to give proper
credit to both.

What I've been looking for is Ubuntu to do similar.

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