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Re: Need for launchpad

Ok - I'm going to reply to the first post i found on this whole - thing, so apologies if it shows up
in some weird place in threaded view.

Basically the way I see it isnt the fact that ubuntu isn't giving back to debian - or debian isn't
willing to have the stuff from ubuntu. The way i see it is that there are a few people - who - for
some reason or another - just don't do the right thing.

I can definately understand some DD's views here - they seem to get nothing from ubuntu - have to
wade through patches or whatever to try and find the useful stuff - have to do all this work to get
all the stuff from ubuntu, because whatever ubuntu dev is doing things isn't contributing back to
debian. This definately happens. There's no doubt about it.

But, also - and I've had this experience myself - there are some DD's who just plain and simple dont
want the stuff from ubuntu. I've had a couple of times where I've had an issue with a package - and
realised it was a problem in debian and upstream too. Usually - I've contacted both upstream and the
DD via Email about this - and have had various responses - for example, for one package - I sent
about 7 emails over the space of a month, emailed upstream, tried to contact the DD on IRC - many a
thing - but well - no response - and I've tried a couple of times with different issues to contact
that developer regarding those issues - but have never had any awknowledgement, reply etc etc.

I eventually gave up trying contacting that maintainer - and just carried on with the work in ubuntu
- and worked with upstream. It's people like that that are spoiling it, as I've had experiences with
other DD's who've been very helpful indeed.

Recently, a certain member of the MOTU team in ubuntu posted a blog post basically saying (from the
way it came across to me) that contributing back up to debian was a waste of our meagre resources. I
can't express how ... and this is a very mild way of me putting it (Code of Conduct and all - darn
it!)... annoyed that made me - I was infuriated, espescially seeing as I'd been one of those people
who'd raised the issue of contributing back to debian.

I, personally - see contributing to debian as a vital part of the ubuntu development process - after
all - debian is our upstream - and I'm sure none of the DD's would think that contributing to
upstream for the packages they maintain is a waste of the time that they could be putting back into

To me though - and i will stress this highly - I don't think that it's a fact that ubuntu isnt
contributing to debian - because it is. But I believe that some people (maybe a lot of people) for
whatever issue aren't willing to work either way - as Ubuntu can't do all the work - and nor can
debian - but - when one side isnt willing to work (I'm not on about projects as a whole - I'm on
about individual people/maintainers) then it spoils the whole thing.

Basically - I dont think the brand should be put on ubuntu as a whole - feel free to target those
people specifically you see not contributing - but remember - it's a two way thing - and there are
people not willing to cooperate on both sides.

*dons asbestos underwear and waits for replies*

Manoj Srivastava wrote:
> On Fri, 06 Jan 2006 15:19:42 -0500, Frans Jessop
> <fransjessop@hotmail.com> said:  
>>Ubuntu's launchpad is amazing.  Do you think it would be helpful if
>>all DD's worked through it on their projects?
>         Sure, as long as they change lauchpad to meet my workflow
>  requirements. This would mean letting me have a local repo, signed
>  remote repos, arch, email only interfaces, and not getting into my
>  way.  If they make changes to meet these requirements, I'll have
>  absolutely no problem throwing away tools I have worked on honing for
>  a decade or so and switching to launchpad. Oh, and release launchpad
>  under a free license, of course, so I don't make Debian development
>  rely on a non-free toolset, of course.
>>Wouldn't that keep things more organized and efficient?  Or perhaps
>>Debian could build its own version of launchpad which is better.
>>Again, I think it would do a good job keeping everything organized
>>an efficient.
>         Yup. Having all humans speak just a single language (and none
>  of these darned wide charset junk) would be way more efficient too.
>  And just have one model of a car -- I mean, who needs all these
>  different companies, so much inefficiency.
>         BTW, thanks for the laugh.
>         manoj

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