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Re: Better communication between projects

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Peter Samuelson <peter@p12n.org> writes:

> [Sami Haahtinen]
>> like 'dpkg --show-primary-contact <package>' That way we could even
>> add a separate field Preferred-Contact: (or something alike) that
>> could override the maintainer and modifier.
> "Preferred contact" is *exactly* what the Maintainer field means.
> [Well, and the co-maintainers ("Uploaders") field, as a supplement.]
> Debian people who have a problem with downstream changing the
> Maintainer field need to get over themselves and think about whether
> debian/changelog gives them all the credit they are owed.  (It
> certainly does, unless it's been abridged.)

Completely agreed.  While I don't object to occasional mails from
Ubuntu users, I don't generally have a proper Ubuntu contact (or list)
to point them to.  This would help a lot there, as well as preventing
the problem in the first place.

Another related problem I noticed the other day is that the Ubuntu
change history is lost when merging new packages from Debian unstable,
which makes it next to impossible for me to find out who last changed
it on the Ubuntu side.  This is because any changes to the Ubuntu
changelog are discarded, rather than being merged back into the Debian
changelog (though I can appreciate this is not an easy problem to
solve in an automated fashion).


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