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Re: [ad-hominem construct deleted]

> You do realize that your work is out there for anyone to take and to
> modify. I agree that for the modified packages it should be more clear
> that the package has been modified by ubuntu and the maintainer or some

And why isn't this done? It's so simple to do. I would prefer to know about MY 
package in ubuntu before some user contacts me.

> other field should reflect that. But again, some people are offended if
> the maintainer field is changed to something ubuntu specific for the
> modified packages. As before it's not an easy task, you get burnt if you
> go either way.

Wait a moment, just to clarify this, you mean if you take a Debian package 
change it for Ubuntu and let's say add your name to the maintainer field but 
also add an additional X-Debian-Mantainer field (for example) that lists the 
original maintainer, this will offend some fellow Debian maintainers? Anyone 
care to tell me why?

But still, I have no problem with my name in the Ubuntu packages, but I'd 
expect to know about this BEFORE it gets published. 

> And about pulling the changes, did you notice these:
> ...
> Ubuntu side:
> https://launchpad.net/people/alfie/+packages

Whow! No, noone ever told me that I have an entry there that looks like it is 
my entry but instead is created and kept up-to-date by someone else without 
even caring to tell me. Sorry, but this is not the way I would treat anyone.

> you should easily be able to pull changes to your packages from there,
> if you feel like it. A good indicator that your package has been
> modifies in ubuntu is the string ubuntu in the package version.

Right I just tried this, but found that I have to diff the diffs to find the 
changes. Or did I miss something.

Again, this is not against Ubuntu, the distribution, but I would expect a 
different treatment of upstream authors. I wrote some pieces of software that 
are available with all/most Linux distributions. Noone told me about this 
either, but I'm fine with it because they all tell people that I am the 
upstream and they did the packaging.

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