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Re: [Listmaster] Seeking petsupermarket

Cord Beermann <cord@debian.org> wrote:

> Hallo! Du (Linas Zvirblis) hast geschrieben:
>>>BTW, Who da hell is some AntiSpam UOL? Everytime that I send an email to
>>>debian-devel that stupid machine sends me an email. Is there a way to 
>>Yes, the petsupermarket.sspam@uol.com.br is back. You will just have to 
>>block this address on your side until listmaster takes care of this.
> You might have seen the probes we send out in the last year.
> Sadly it didn't work out as hoped, so i (and ${all_subscribers}-1 here)
> would be thankful if anyone can provide more information about 
> petsupermarket (you don't have to point out the website, i already
> tried to contact all address i could find there).
> Someone who is subscribed to d-devel forwards the mails to
> petsupermarket. petsupermarket itself is not subscribed to any of our
> mailinglists.
> If you have seen those c-r-responses outside of the debian-lists, or
> in the last days on other lists than debian-devel, then this
> information is maybe helpful to identify the address.
> We already put many hours in trying to identify this annoying member,
> and this really sucks, as this time is lost for other activities or
> enhancements we could do inside or outside of the Project.

Could they be coming through gmane somehow?  I received one a few
hours ago when I posted an article on gmane.comp.debian.general (which should have gone
on g.c.d.user - Here are Lions), but now I've just recieved one having
sent *mail* to the fetchmail-friends mailing list, which I'm reading as a
newsgroup on gmane...

gawd knows...


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