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[Listmaster] Seeking petsupermarket (was: How to Increase Contributions from Volunteers)

Hallo! Du (Linas Zvirblis) hast geschrieben:

>>BTW, Who da hell is some AntiSpam UOL? Everytime that I send an email to
>>debian-devel that stupid machine sends me an email. Is there a way to 
>Yes, the petsupermarket.sspam@uol.com.br is back. You will just have to 
>block this address on your side until listmaster takes care of this.

You might have seen the probes we send out in the last year.

Sadly it didn't work out as hoped, so i (and ${all_subscribers}-1 here)
would be thankful if anyone can provide more information about 
petsupermarket (you don't have to point out the website, i already
tried to contact all address i could find there).

Someone who is subscribed to d-devel forwards the mails to
petsupermarket. petsupermarket itself is not subscribed to any of our

If you have seen those c-r-responses outside of the debian-lists, or
in the last days on other lists than debian-devel, then this
information is maybe helpful to identify the address.

We already put many hours in trying to identify this annoying member,
and this really sucks, as this time is lost for other activities or
enhancements we could do inside or outside of the Project.

Cord, wearing his black listmaster-hat and carrying a large

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