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Re: Debian for desktop - gnome in usnstable/experimantal more stable than in testing ?


> How on Earth would that be allowed into testing? I can imagine Serious 
> bugs slipping trough (because most are reported as Normal, after all), 
> but broken dependencies?
I admit I was imprecise, often it are conflicts (usually through library
stuff) that prevent packages from being installable when you have
certain other installed, even though you would want both.
But as mentioned I am only repeating the experiences of other users, I
never went with testing.
Btw. can a package libterminal version 10 propagate to testing if
package myterm in testing depends on libterminal (<= 9)? Otherwise this
_could_ break the dependencies.

But for example I can speak for my package (packagesearch) which broke,
when xterm changed how it handles command line arguments. Of course I
didn't knew this before, so my package depended on "xterm" (instead of
xterm<=x.y.z). After xterm was changed, it could propagate to testing,
breaking my package. However due to the QT library transition my package
which I fixed in unstable at once has not entered testing yet...

Best regards Ben

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