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Re: How to Increase Contributions from Volunteers

On Monday 02 January 2006 16.21, Alejandro Bonilla wrote:
> I could support or maintain some packages if I could be teached once, and
> if the mentoring process to get ownership of one package wouldn't be a
> pain. I once wanted to make a package for the ieee80211 stack or another
> small package, but NO. I had to know someone, that the someone had a
> developer friend that would actually trust me, to ever be able to try
> posting something.

Huh?  That's just not true.

You can make a package all on your own, no problem at all.  Look at 
<http://www.us.debian.org/devel/>, most relevant documentation is linked 
from there.  Ask anybody on pretty much any IRC channel or mailing list 
about Debian, and somebody will point you probably to the debian-mentors 
mailing list.  In my experience, if you have actual packaging problems you 
will get answers. (your question about HDAPS got you two offers of help - I 
didn't research if I found any later results, but to me that looked not too 

Packaging is hard work, and you'll have to learn a lot, but you can do 
everything you need except actually upload the package.  Only in the end 
will you need a DD to do the upload. 

-- vbi

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