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Re: Debian and the desktop

On 2005-12-12, Linas Zvirblis <0x0007@gmail.com> wrote:
> A user should get the same visual feeling whether he chose GNOME or KDE 
> for his desktop, whether he decided for KDM or GDM etc. This might sound 

Why try to make kde and gnome look the same?
If it is a goal to make all Bob User desktops look the same, then why
not just skipping either gnome or kde ?

Why not try to give the possibility to Bob User and others to make their
desktops look cool instead of making it look the same ?

> Every major distribution has that little something (be it only a default 
> wallpaper) that makes it what it is (navy blue Mandriva, brownish 
> Ubuntu)
bluish kubuntu.

That leaves debian for 

okay. let us make debian pink ;)

or silverish:

or black and nerdish (contains a semi-naked girl, so might not be

I like the fact that that my programs visibility feeling are so
untouched by debian as possible.
I want to paint my own apartment ;)

Bob User, who is working on being Bob Hacker

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