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Re: Debian and the desktop

Quoting Linas Zvirblis (0x0007@gmail.com):
> >Yeah, and let's draw from the work by the Ubuntu guys, rather than
> >doing it a different way!
> But doesn't Ubuntu use Debian installer?

Yes, but they don't use tasksel...which is the one installing a
"desktop" task.

>From the D-I team point of view: there are certainly tons of things to
improve in our default installs, especially when we exit the real
domain of D-I and enter the domain of general setup of a default

Here, let's face it: we have no team working on this in Debian. The
result of a default desktop install for Debian is the result of what
we get when installing X, then Gnome+KDE and some other stuff.

This is something that comes outside the scope of the D-I team, at
least as we currently work.

We (D-I team) maintain tasksel, yes (mostly Joey) but we don't do that
much more. We don't really do choices because we aren't in a position
of doing choices (hey, this is why "desktop" installs the whole bloat
of KDE *AND* Gnome ). 

As a result, the default Debian desktop works....but it lacks a few
polishing features which our custom^W users find in other distros....


-default sound setup
-default wireless setup
-design of the default login screen
-probably tons of details which, alone, aren't a big deal...but will
 make the difference at the end.

"Are we devoted to our users?", asked Marga at Debconf....we should
think about this sometimes...:)

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