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Re: Debian and the desktop

* Moritz Muehlenhoff <jmm@inutil.org> [2005-12-13 10:52]:

> This is beyond tasksel, but Bob User would profit immensely from generic
> menu entries. SuSE does this and I think it's very helpful. Most people
> don't care, which web browser they are using and if they're browsing
> through their application menu, they're confused by an entry called
> "Kopete", while an entry called "Instant Messaging Program" is a lot more
> helpful. So maybe menu should be extended to keep both forms, so that
> the generic form can be chosen during installation. Once Bob User has
> turned into Bob Hacker he can switch back to the detailed form.
So having a menu-simple that only displays the default foo-application 
as defined via the debian alternative system with the option to switch 
to the (current) menu system might be a way.

yours Martin
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