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Re: Debian and the desktop

Le lundi 12 décembre 2005 à 18:34 +0100, Christian Perrier a écrit :
> Yes, but they don't use tasksel...which is the one installing a
> "desktop" task.

First of all, there should be separated "KDE desktop" and "GNOME
desktop" tasks. Most users don't want both of them installed.

> Here, let's face it: we have no team working on this in Debian. The
> result of a default desktop install for Debian is the result of what
> we get when installing X, then Gnome+KDE and some other stuff.

This shouldn't be a problem. KDE and GNOME teams are providing
metathemes that bring a desktop that should just work.

> -default sound setup

This should be autodetected. This is the purpose of linux-sound-base,
which should address that issue in etch.

> -default wireless setup

Maybe this could be integrated in d-i, along with an interface that
would allow to configure all network interfaces.

> -design of the default login screen

The GDM maintainer has been reluctant to provide a decent default theme
for years. He has just moved, but by making the theme random - which I
don't feel to be a solution. Everything is ready here, this is a social
issue, not a technical one.

> -probably tons of details which, alone, aren't a big deal...but will
>  make the difference at the end.

The real work would be to index all these issues and to find where to
fix them. Each problem isn't that hard to solve, once the necessary work
has been identified.

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