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Re: wnpp situation

Hi David!

You wrote:

> Talking with adn on IRC, I've decided to launch an script that will
> close every opened ITP and RFP bug on the BTS with a lifetime greater
> than 600 days by tonight (or if anything goes wrong -I have an exam
> tomorrow noon-, by tomorrow night). I'll point to documentation on how
> to re-open bugs, if the submitters/owners still have interest on the
> package. I'll do the same a couple of days later for ITPs/RFPs greater
> than 450 days and finally with those greater than 365 days. Later I'll
> set a cronjob on gluck to close all of those reaching 365 days old.

In principle, I'm fine with closing RFPs after a while of no activity.
However, plase don't mistake bugs being open for a long while for bug
that have been inactive.  You should check the date of the latest post
rather than the time of opening.

About ITP's, they should be retitled to RFPs, rather than closed.  That
way, other people can have a go at packaging the software.

Also, there's no need to write your own scripts;  there are scripts in
some qa repsoitory somewhere (I guess tbm can tell you where, exactly)
that can do exactly what you want --- and more.

Kind regards,
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