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Re: wnpp situation

* Lars Wirzenius <liw@liw.iki.fi> [2005-09-13 10:37]:
> ti, 2005-09-13 kello 01:45 +0200, Alexander Schmehl kirjoitti:
> > Close RFP after ... uhm... let's say 1 year inactivity and send the
> > submitter an apology, that we couldn't find a volunteer for the
> > requested package, should to very well.
> There was a discussion about closing old RFPs on -project in the middle
> of July (around the 13th, I think). I really should get acting on the
> consensus of that thread and close the old RFPs.

Yes definetly. But my intention was not to read the whole
list and do this by hand! This should be done by the same
script which sends the sem automated mails to the BTS.
Regards Nico
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