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Re: wnpp situation

On Tue, 2005-09-13 at 11:02 +0200, Henning Makholm wrote:
> > But my intention was not to read the whole list and do this by hand!
> > This should be done by the same script which sends the sem automated
> > mails to the BTS.
> As there is a consensus that it is a good idea to close long-inactive
> RFPs with a polite explanation, anyone who care enough should just
> write a script to do it, and start running it. It can be done without
> special privileges; the BTS control address is well known...

Talking with adn on IRC, I've decided to launch an script that will
close every opened ITP and RFP bug on the BTS with a lifetime greater
than 600 days by tonight (or if anything goes wrong -I have an exam
tomorrow noon-, by tomorrow night). I'll point to documentation on how
to re-open bugs, if the submitters/owners still have interest on the
package. I'll do the same a couple of days later for ITPs/RFPs greater
than 450 days and finally with those greater than 365 days. Later I'll
set a cronjob on gluck to close all of those reaching 365 days old.

All this will stall a bit the work to be done by the wnpp-tagging
team :) Just a couple of days, probably. Or you could just start tagging
from the recent ones.

If somebody has something to say about this, please speak now.

Something similar should be done with ITAs soon (retitling to O or

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