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cdebootstrap wontfix tag abuse

Henning Makholm wrote:
> I think this counts as abuse of the wontfix tag. Setting the tag is
> *never* a substitute for explaining (or referencing an explanation of)
> why one thinks the problem should not be solved.

I encountered this bug now, and asked myself - what should one do? 

Obviously the maintainer, or someone else involved, could do a better
job handling bug reports. The thought of removing all unexplained
wontfix tags struck me, but BTS ping pong is hardly never the right
thing to do...

I found a segmentation fault, but I won't bother reporting it - since I
feel it'll probably only result in a wontfix tagging solution.

In my attempts to google for cdebootstrap, the only useful I found was
this quote from the following page:


[00:38] <Pazzo> what are the benefits of cdebootstrap over debootstrap?
[00:38] <Seraph> cdebootstrap is coded in C and about powers of ten faster
[00:38] <Seraph> plus it's the new and maintained replacement
[00:39] <Seraph> whereas debootstrap is rather "only updated where needed" afaik

That doesn't give me much to go on if I would want to write a better
description for the package myself.

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