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Re: no time for all debian tasks was: interacting with the press

>>>>> "Greg" == Greg Folkert <greg@gregfolkert.net> writes:

    Greg> Common Courtesy states that one should also mention personal
    Greg> communications, even if completely ignored by the person(s)
    Greg> in question.

Doesn't this also run the risk of making the person look bad?

I guess it depends on how you say it.

"I tried but was unable to resolve this issue via private email."

might be better then:

"I tried contacting XYZ in private but he failed to {respond to my
emails,acknowledge the problem,worship me as his god[1], etc}"

...as the first version doesn't blame XYZ in anyway.

Surely you don't need to provide details what happened?

(note: none of this is specific to anybody mentioned in this thread)

[1] Who me? Watch to much Stargate? Never!
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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