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Re: debian security archive/updates b0rken???

Nico Golde:
> http://www.heute.de/ZDFheute/inhalt/26/0,3672,2326362,00.html
> The article on heute.de says that ca. 1000000 million user in
> Germany changed to Ubuntu because of problems with Debian.

This is not true. The article states that there are probably one million
machines running linux in germany. Debian is only referred to as the
ancestor of Ubuntu. Even if you connect that with the article's stress
on the user friendlyness of Ubuntu, this has nothing to do with the
current security problems in Debian.

But I agree: although the article is wrong in a lot of details, it's
very enjoyable to read stuff like this on heute.de. heute ("today") is
the news program of germany's second publically funded TV station which
generally means it gets a lot of attention (more for the news on TV than
for their website, though).

I think the environment will be okay.
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