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Re: debian security archive/updates b0rken???

Hello Jochen,

* Jochen Schulz <jrschulz@well-adjusted.de> [2005-06-28 13:05]:
> Nico Golde:
> > http://www.heute.de/ZDFheute/inhalt/26/0,3672,2326362,00.html
> > The article on heute.de says that ca. 1000000 million user in
> > Germany changed to Ubuntu because of problems with Debian.
> This is not true. The article states that there are probably one million
> machines running linux in germany. Debian is only referred to as the
> ancestor of Ubuntu. Even if you connect that with the article's stress
> on the user friendlyness of Ubuntu, this has nothing to do with the
> current security problems in Debian.

Yes, you are right, but I said this because of this
http://www.pro-linux.de/news/2005/8322.html article which
links to the two pages and brings the current security
problems in connection with ubuntu and foobar...

> But I agree: although the article is wrong in a lot of details, it's
> very enjoyable to read stuff like this on heute.de.

Yes :)
regards nico
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