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Re: Greylisting for @debian.org email, please


Thomas Bushnell BSG wrote:

>>There is simply no point in running a mail server on a dynamic IP.

> Would you define "dynamic IP" for me, just so I can be sure I know
> what you're talking about?

> It sounds here as if you mean an IP address which changes with some
> frequency.  Is that right?

Yes, even if said frequency is very low. If my ISP does not give me a
guarantee that when I reconnect I will get the same address again, and
that noone else is going to use that address, I consider it a dynamic IP.

> If so, lots of ISPs (mine, for example) give me a static IP address
> via DHCP, in a block of addresses of which some are dynamic and some
> are static.

Hrm, that would indeed be a reason to accept mail from some IPs inside
such "dynamic" blocks. Your IP does not seem to be listed as being
dynamic, though. :-)

OTOH, I think greylisting can help here, by applying it to hosts that
are listed as being dynamic. If the technology your ISP uses to connect
you to the internet is so strikingly similar to the technology used by
people who don't even care whether they have a fixed IP, I would assume
your bandwidth would not allow you to send amounts of mail that
greylisting would adversely affect you. :-)


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