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Re: Greylisting for @debian.org email, please


Frans Pop wrote:

> I think blocking mails based on an address being dynamic/static sucks.

Indeed, but the only systems that send out email from dynamic IP
addresses are spam zombies (90%[1]) and people who run their own MTA,
which again are divided into clueless idiots running an open relay (95%)
and otherwise clueful people who seem to believe that their ISPs MTA is
somehow unable to deliver their email (5%). Unless you have a very
braindead ISP, this is not true, in fact the ISP's mail server might
even be able to deliver it more efficiently as it may already know about
a particular server being down and which backup to use.

There is simply no point in running a mail server on a dynamic IP. It
will not be able to accept mail in a reliable way, even with dyndns, so
you need some other host to accept and forward your mail to you anyway,
so you can as well route it through a smarthost that you authenticate to
on the outbound way as well (this will have the added benefit of not
clogging up your connection if you need to send an email to multiple


[1] Numbers pulled entirely from where the sun don't shine, and based on
me reading 48h worth of mailer logs before deciding to block mail from
dynamic IPs.

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